Organizational and Managerial effectiveness of Distance Education program in the Ministry of National Defense: Challenges and Prospects

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


This study was set to examine the organizational and managerial effectiveness of distance education its implementation in MOND. This was with the intent to find out its challenges and prospects of the organization and then recommend possible ways of alleviating the problems. To this end, basic questions addressing the issues related to goal attainment, qualification skill and work experience, organizational structure favorability, managerial function and problems affecting the program effectiveness were formulated. The study employed mixed methods approach (quantitative supported by qualitative) to address the research questions. In order to collect the necessary data, questionnaire (for learners, coordinators, and experts) and interview guide (for managers) were developed. Moreover, relevant literature was reviewed. The questionnaires were evaluated and checked by the thesis advisor and pilot-tested in order to avoid irrelevant and ambiguous terms and necessary corrections and modifications were made before distribution. Participants of the study were 40 experts, 244 learners, 10 coordinators and 2 DEP heads. The study found out that distance education program was affected due to the ineffective organizational structure, lack of giving feedback, shortage of budget, delay of examination, lack of evaluation of the program, and lack of measure taking were the most serious problems. Hence, it was recommended that the DEP managers should take urgent measure to restructure the program in order to alleviate the most and related problems.