An Assessment of the Practice of Teaching Listening in Efl Classrooms: the Case of Two High Schools in Eastern Wollega

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Addis Ababa University


The study was conducted to assess the practice of teaching listening in EFL classrooms with reference to grade 9 at two high schools in eastem Wollega. Interview, questionnaire, classroom observations and content analysis were used as data gathering tools. The interview was conducted with six teachers teaching English language at this level, and four of them were also observed three times each. One hundred twelve sampled s tudents were also filled in the questionnaires prepared, and students textboole and teachers ' guide were inspected. Data collected through these tools was analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Then, the analyzed data revealed as various types of listening sub-sleills were not practiced simultaneous ly. On top of this, though teachers teach listening lessons, they did not use appropriate procedures at pre, while and p ostlistening stages. The listening texts and tasles were also not well prepared so as to help leamers practice listening comprehension. At las t, it was recommended that the p ractice of sub-skills should be of various types, English language teachers should appropriately implement the ti1ree phases of teaching listening, especially the pre and pos t-lis tening activities and material designers were also recommended to prepare various types of texts and activities, and to add visual supports in to the texts.



of Teaching Listening in EFL Classrooms