Participation and Performance of Female Pupils in Urban Primary Schools: The Case of Awassa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the participation and performance of female pupils in primary schools of Awassa town. To achieve this aim, 430 primary pupils; 81 teachers; diTectors of all the sample schools; 79 parents and 2 women representatives were in volved as research participants. The required data was sec ured using different instruments such as: questionnaiTes, guided interview, test administration, document analysis and foc us group discussion. Accordingly, the data secured was analyzed by using different methods of data analysis, like: narrative approach for qualitative data and statistical approach (including percentages and t- test) for quantitative data. The results obtained indicate that female participation (enro lment) in Awassa IS encouraging. However, the findings furth er indicate that not aU schoo l-age girls in the town are attending school. The major reasons indicated for not going to school were economic problem and household demand of child labor. Regarding survival in the education system, female pupils survival compared with their peer opposite sexes is high. Girls repeat grades more than boys. Besides, absenteeism is also considerable for female pupils. The test administration revealed that no significant difference in achievement is observed between the two sexes in English and mathematics. The schoo ls under study are impoverished, they lack basic amenities like: drinking water, books, library, laboratory, --- etc. It was further identified that school- community relationship is poor. Further more, political and institutional factors are found to be conducive in promoting female education. Implications fo rwarded in terms of intervention strategies include: providing economic or material incentives for poor households, improving existing facilities in schools, promoting gender sensitive training, arranging guidance and counseling services in schools, enhancing the rights and status of female pupils, increasing the number of female teachers and directors, developing appropriate record keeping system in schools, strengthening schoolcommunity relation ship and making schools conducive and friend ly fo r giTls.



Performance of Female Pupils