Continuous Assbssment: Its Validity, Rbliability and Feasibility

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Addis Ababa University


Tn thi s stud y an attempt was made to find out whether or nn t rn ntinuous assessment in the tea ching of English is more e ff p.r ti ve than the non-c on tinuous traditional assessment r ra c tised in nu r hi!'"h schools. To test this, an experiment IVas co nducted for ten weeks in whi ch a sample population of 138 Grade Eleven Students in two groups (74 control and 64 expe rimental) took part. A teaching material was prepared along the principles of the 'Communicative Approach ' and given to both groups, The statistical test made on the pre-test scores of the study and control groups showed no significant difference. Nevertheless. In the post-test scores obtained. the study ,.roup performed better than the control group at a si~nificance level of O.OS. The study being essentially a testing approach was int e rested 1 n investil'atin,. the validity, reliability and fpRsih i I ity of con tinu ous a ssess ment. The better sco res of thp s tud y !'"roup on the post - test r ev eal the effectiveness of the nel< method tri ed. Moreover. the r esponses from the studf'nt questionna ire va lidat e this v iew. scores obtained from the continuous assessment and from the post -test were co rrelated to test reliability. The result shows a very strong positive co rr ela tion. The feasibility of co ntinu ous assessment in the present c i r cumst a n c e s i s rath er strong ly doubted. The l ow mora l e



Rbliability and Feasibility