The Relevance of the Teacher Training Institute's Mathematics to the Teaching of the Same Subject in the Fist Cycle Primary Schools in Snnpr

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Addis Ababa University


This study has attempted to investigate the relevance of TTl mathematics to the teaching of primary school mathematics. To accomplish this objective two TTls and eighteen primary schools form the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region Government were taken as a sample. Two types of questionnaires mainly made up of close ended items with Likelt method of rating scales with an average rate of relevance point ( 3.0) were adapted and developed in order to collect information required to answer the basic research questions raised in this study. The questionnaires were distributed to eight TTl mathematics teachers and fifty primary school mathematics teachers. The results of the study generally suggest the existence of: 1) Correspondence of the objectives of TTl mathematics wilh pnmary school mathematics. 2) Discrepancies among the contents of TTl mathematics and pnmary school mathematics. 3) Lack of harmony in both TTl and primary school mathematics syllabuses in teaching methodology 4) Primary school mathematics teachers lack the capacity to teach the subject Confidently because of the mismatch of language of instruction. Accordingly, this study recommends to take corrective measures to focus on only very essential contents to teach mathematics in primary schools and TTls and to give more emphasis to the teaching methods than contents for the teachings of the subj ect in grades 1 to 4.



Relevance of the Teacher Training