The practices and challenges of human resource development in government Tvet Colleges of Addis ababa

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The main purpose of this study was to assess the practices of human resource development in government TVET colleges of Addis Ababa and to identify the problems encountered during implementation of human resource development programs and finally to forward recommendations. The study was carried out on four government TVET colleges (Addis Ababa Tegbaraid, Entoto, General Wingate and Mistak). These colleges were selected randomly. The respondents of this study were 192 trainers (teachers), 4 deans, 4 vice-deans, 4 human resource training officers, 4 human resource development personnel (officers) and 12 other non-teaching staffs. To conduct the study stratified followed simple random sampling techniques were employed. Questionnaire, interview, focus group discussion, and document observation were used as data gathering instruments. And the data gathered were interpreted and analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. The result of the study revealed that the TVET colleges under study have a problem of human resource development that can be source of frustration and wastage of resources. The human resource development training needs assessment was not conducted to identifY the gap. Training and development programs were not designed for managers and other staff personnel. Objectives were not clearly set for human resource training and development program. Colleges understudy have used both on-the -job and off-the -job training methods particularly coaching, workshops, seminars and conferences. With regard to post-training discussion, the finding indicated that the issue was not experienced. Based on the major findings recommendations are forwarded. Human resource development program has to get due attention from MOE, TVET colleges Idepartments. Training has to be designed for manager and other staff personnel. Participation of stakeholders has to be encouraged in setting objectives, content selection and evaluation the training program. TVET colleges have to design and negotiate with donor agencies in order to obtain material, financial and technical support. Training methods have to be chosen bases on clear criteria. Post - training evaluation has to be taken place regularly.