Synthesis and Characterization of Trimellitic Anhydride Based Phthalocyanine Metal Complexes

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Addis Ababa Universty


A wide range of applications of phthalocyanine complexes which ranges from medical to industrial makes them interesting research area now days. Their properties can be tuned by introducing substituents on the periphery or/and the central metal. On the basis of these; Copper (II) phthalocyanine tetrcarboxylic acid and Ni (II) phthalocyanine tetracarboxylic acid; have been synthesized by template method of synthesis from trimellitic anhydride and urea in the presence of ammonium molybdate catalyst in high boiling solvent nitrobenzene. Both complexes were characterized on the basis of molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility and UV-Vis spectra analysis. The UV-Vis absorption spectra shows B(soret) and Q bands which are characteristic absorption spectra of phthalocyanine complexes. The magnetic susceptibility result indicates that, the synthesized Ni(II) complex is not square planar, but octahedral. Keywords: phthalocyanine, tetracarboxy metallophthalocyanine, template synthesis



phthalocyanine; tetracarboxy metallophthalocyanine; template synthesis