Location Based Patient Assistant Mobile Application

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Addis Ababa University


Location Based Services (LBS) include applications that provide relevant location related information of peoples and materials. It is accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and it is important to reduce our efforts during various tasks such as: assisting patients, finding particular address of some place, routing, getting and knowing different service offers on the different products. There are different works presented related to patient assistant system by different peoples. But the proposed works could not allow patients or users to get the nearest health facility information depends on their health facility service choice and their current location; could not provide a service to show optimal route between patient current location and health facility location and could not allow to provide important information about hospitals, health centers, pharmacies and blood banks in a single system. The aim of this Location Based Patient Assistant Mobile Application is to provide accurate and relevant information to patients or users based on their current location and choice of health facility service type without wasting their time, cost and life. This PAMA has mobile application side and desktop web application side. The mobile application side focuses on: accessing important information about the nearest health facility depends on the user or patient current location and their choice of health facility service type, showing the nearest health facility location and showing optimal route on a map. The web application part of the system helps authorized persons to manage health facilities’ service type, number of beds and other important health facilities related information. While developing the prototype of the application implemented different location based tools and development environments applied. During the development of the location based patient assistant application built in mobile GPS and Google map API uses to find the current location of the patient or user and MapBox Application Program Interfaces (API) used to show the route and the nearest health facility location freely without incurring additional cost on a Map. The application evaluated using functionality testing and usability testing. The testing result shows this application is important to assist patients or users to get current location related information of health facilities without wasting their time and cost.



Location Based Service, GIS, GPS, Patient Assistant System