Software Development for Design of Slab and T-Girder Reinforced Concrete Bridges

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Addis Ababa University


In bridge design, engineers strive to plan an economical structure that will safely transmit loads to the ground without collapsing or deforming excessively. Since it is difficult to predict the exact loading and circumstances that a bridge must withstand, all bridge designs include a substantial margin of safety. Design standards vary throughout the world, but all aim at ensuring that new bridges will provide many years of service and will maintain an adequate margin of safety against failure. Bridge design involves a number of design steps which involves tidious calculations due to the presence of moving loads and needs choice of parameters and decision. So due to the complexity and time consumeness of the design we will be better off if we use bridge design programs to get better and accurate results in a short time. But the problem is these programs are too expensive to buy and use. Using pyrated softwares is illegal and immoral.And also using excel written programs has its own problems. This project appreciates the application of home made (self made) programs to make life easy and give a highlight on the procedure behind commercial softwares. This thesis is concerned with developing Software for design of slab and T-girder reinforced concrete bridges. The software is produced using Visual basic 6.0. The design is based on the standards on ERA 2002 Bridge design manual. The program analyzes and designs only Simple span slab and girder bridges and outputs in different forms are available. The user manual and the video tutorials will show how to use the software simply. Finally, conclusions and recommendations are made based on the produced software.



Structural Engineering