Assessment of Knowledge Sharing Practices and Continuous Learning Commitment of Health Care Professionals in Hospitals in Hawassa.

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Addis Ababa University


Knowledge management is the organization, creation, sharing and flow of knowledge within organizations. Creation of knowledge teams, sharing of best practices, and intellectual capital teams were common activities that were taking place in knowledge management initiatives to improved overall organization performance. Knowledge sharing involving a group of like-minded individuals engaged in sharing their knowledge resources, insights, and experiences for a defined objective. Individuals learn from organization, other individuals and new combinations of existing individual from knowledge sharing. However there is no previous study which conducts on assessment of knowledge sharing practice and continuous learning commitment of health care professionals in hospitals in Hawassa. This study is conducted to look into the level of knowledge sharing practices and continuous learning commitments of health professionals in hospitals and also identify factors associated with knowledge-sharing practice. A cross-sectional study with both quantitative and qualitative methods was conducted among two public hospitals and two private hospitals in Hawassa from December 2013 to June 2014. Total of 275 respondents was selected using simple random sampling technique. The data was collected using self administered structured questionnaire and to supplement the quantitative study in-depth interviews was conducted. The data was entered, cleaned and analyzed using SPSS-Version 16. Frequencies and percentages were used to describe the study population and Logistic regression with 95% confidence interval was used to assess the presence and degree of association between dependent and independent variables. Fifty four percent ( 53.95%) and 58.35% participants were engaged in active knowledge sharing practice and 75% and 70.7 % were committed to learn new things in their daily activity through knowledge sharing practice from public and private hospitals respectively. The factors that were independent predictors of knowledge sharing in hospital were profession, work experience, sex, salary, willingness, communication channel, knowledge sharing opportunity and intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, trust and interpersonal characteristics. There is association between knowledge sharing practice and learning commitment in private hospitals. From this study most of the respondents were aware of the importance of knowledge sharing and were committed to learn new things in their daily activity through knowledge sharing but only half of respondents were engaged on active knowledge sharing practice. Work experience, willingness, knowledge sharing opportunity and intrinsic motivation were common independent predictors of knowledge sharing practice in public and private hospitals. So stake holders and owners should device a way for strengthen knowledge sharing practice through improving all the hinderers of knowledge sharing.



Sharing Practices and Continuous Learning Commitment of Health