Effects of Individual Cultural Values on Task Oriented Leaders Behavior: Empirical Study on Zemen Bank S.C.

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Addis Ababa University


This research was conducted to assess the effects of individual cultural values on task oriented leaders behavior in case of Zemen Bank S.C. as the researcher observes there is a scarcity of researches dealing with the relationship between the individual cultural values and leadership behaviors. In order to achieve the research objective, the researcher used descriptive and inferential research methods. Primary data were collected using a structured questionnaire that has been validated through literature review and advisor approval. It was distributed to 84 middle level management members at all offices of Zemen Bank using purposive sampling as a sampling technique. The data was analyzed with the help of a computer statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) and results were presented using tables, percentages and figures. Study results show that, the predominant individual cultural values of leaders at Zemen Bank are low from power distance and masculinity perspective; while medium from collectivism dimension, and high in uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation. The study depicts the predominant leadership behavior at Zemen Bank is task oriented leadership behavior. Results in the correlations matrix exhibited that, even if there is a difference in the level of significance and direction of influence, all the five individual cultural values are tend to affect the leaders’ inclination towards exhibiting a task oriented leadership behavior. Uncertainty avoidance is found to be the most affective cultural value followed by collectivism cultural value. Based on the findings, the study acknowledged the need for further studies incorporating other cultural dimensions and/ or in connection to other leadership behaviors and with a larger sample size



Individual Cultural Values, Leadership Behavior, Zemen Bank