A Study of English Major Students’ Reading Preferences: the case of Samara University

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The main objective of this survey study was to study English major university students‟ reading preferences at Samara University in the Afar Regional State. It was also to identify the reading materials they prefer to read other than their academic requirements, to identify the standards that students use to choose books of their preferences and at the end to identify the factors that hinders their reading preferences as specific-objectives. The populations of the target group were all 72 second and third year English major students. Quantitative data was collected using questionnaire and was analyzed using number and percentage in easy table. Then qualitative data was collected using interviews and were analyzed and transcribed thematically and integrated with the results obtained through questionnaire. The data were integrated and comparatively analyzed. As a result, the findings depicted that, students mostly preferred to read academic then nonacademic materials such as: politics and sport followed by literary works and religious books. Price author, academic and exam were the major motives that students used to choose books of their preferences. Attitude, availability, accessibility, language and personal background were found out to be the impediments that resulted them not to read as they preferred. To that end, academic institutions are better if they abundantly access the libraries with the fitting materials that students get motivated to read. Then it will be rousing if parents and teachers support students to develop, be inspired to reading materials and develop a habit of reading with preference. This research provided further recommendation that could bring a change in the improvements of students reading practice.



study English major university students