Development of Gender Knowledge and Gender Typed Beliefs: Differences Between Single & Mixed Sex School Children in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to investigate developmental change of gender knowledge and gender typed beliefs (gender stereotype) between purposely selected single sex and mixed sex school children. To this end ,the relationship between age, sex, gender knowledge and gender stereotype and the difference on gender knowledge and gender stereotype were examined in five and six year old boys and girls. Data were obtained from 162 children and their parents (i. e., 81 from mixed and 81 from single sex school children). Quantitative methods were used to obtain data, analyzed and discuss the findings. Major findings showed that the predictor variable age has relationship with the out come variable gender knowledge and gender stereotype. It was also found that five year aids displayed lower level of gender knowledge level than six year aids. This was truefor both sexes. Boys and girls were not differing in knowledge of gender because of their sex. The result also showed that six year aids displayed higher awareness of gender stereotype than five year aids. In addition to this, it was also found that female school children displayed lesser on gender stereotype than mixed sex children and male single sex school their mean difference were, with mixed sex school children =-2.07 and with male single sex school children =-1 .2951. Children's gender knowledge and gender stereotype was also varied do to their parent's gender rule attitude and educational level .The analyses of the result shows that children from modern mothers and fathers displayed a lesser amount of knowledge of gender and gender stereotype .Similarly children from higher educated parents were showed less awareness in gender and gender stereotype than children from illiterate and primary education parents. To sum up, since the present only shows the variation of children in their understanding of gender and gender stereotype it is advisable making further reserved on the area and on which this study doesn't teach to fill the gap.



Differences between Single & Mixed Sex School Children