Practices of Cooperative learning and its Challenges in primary Schools of Gambella town

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Addis Ababa University


The major purpose of this study was to explore the practices of cooperative learning and its challenges in two primary schools of Gambella town. Descriptive survey design was chosen by the researcher to conduct the study using qualitative and quantitative approaches. The samples chosen from the primary schools are from those having more concern about the practices and challenges of cooperative learning challenges in the schools for long period of time these were including teachers, school principals, Kebelle social affair workers, six students from grade 5th, eight students from grade 6th, Seven students from grade 7th and seven students from grade 8th. Data gathering tools were FGD, interview, and questionnaires. The study showed cooperative learning was practiced at low level due to large number of students, which make classroom noisy that teachers fail to control.



Cooperative Learning and its Challenges in Primary