An Evaluation of Learners’ Competence in Delexicalised Verbs; the Case of Kotebe College of Teacher Education

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to evaluate students’ competence and awareness on delexicalised verbs. In the study I tried to assess teachers’ views and awareness on these verbs. Descriptive study was used to carry out this study. Purposeful and random sampling was used to select 153 students to tests and three instructors to interviews from Kotebe College of Teacher Education. Data were gathered using both qualitative and quantitative methods through interviews and tests. The data were tabulated. And, percentiles method was implemented in analyzing the data. The finding of the study revealed that the students’ competence on delexicalised verbs is low. The instructors also disclosed that they hadn’t made much attention on these verbs. Thus it is recommended that instructors should play role in guiding their students to study delexicalised verbs and maximizing input opportunities for their learners.



the Case of Kotebe College of Teacher Education