Management outcome and factors associated with pediatric surgical patient‟s admitted at Arbaminch General Hospital, Southern Ethiopia, 2021:retrospective cross-sectional study

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Addis Abeba University


Background: Pediatric surgical situations are inadequately addressed globally, especially in developing countries. But, the admission of children due to surgical conditions increases dramatically as a result of increased trauma, and emergency surgical conditions. The burden of the surgical condition is high among children of middle and low-income countries including Ethiopia. Objective: To assess management outcome and factors associated with pediatric surgical patient‟s admitted at Arbaminch general hospital, southern Ethiopia, 2021. Method: An institution-based retrospective cross-sectional study design was employed among 265 children with surgical problems admitted to Arbaminch General Hospital from January 1/2017 to December 31/2020. Data were collected from patients chart by using the systematic random sampling method. Then data was entered by using Epi Data 4.2 version and analyzed by using SPSS version 25. Bi-variate and multi-variable logistic regression analysis was employed. And P-value < 0.05 with 95% confidence interval (CI) was used to identify associated factors. Result: This study revealed that about 26% of study subjects were discharged with unfavorable management outcome. Children admitted with trauma cause [AOR: 5.753, 95% CI:(2.36613.987)],Children with a pre-existing medical condition[AOR: 3.240, 95% CI:(1.436-7.310)], children who have an early complication [AOR: 2.515, 95% CI:(1.130-5.599)],Children with a duration of hospital presentation >24hrs[AOR:8.351,95% CI:(2.089-33.381)],Children who stayed in hospital >7days [AOR:10.671,95% CI:(1.363-83.546)], and management surgicaly [AOR:2.742,95% CI:(1.137-6.611)] are factors positively associated with unfavorable outcome. Conclusion and recommendations: Twenty six percent of patients were discharged with unfavorable outcome. Causes of admission, preexisting medical condition, early complication, duration of hospital presentation, length of hospital stay and type of management were factors associated with the outcome of pediatric surgical admission. So, early identification and treatment of cause should be needed and need of well-equipped care centre to have a good outcome. Providing health education to the community to increase awareness about the surgical condition.



Outcome, Pediatric Surgery, Admission, Arbaminch, Ethiopia.