The Psychosocial Effect of Sexual Abuse on Children

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Addis Ababa University


This s/lId v attempts 10 assess Ihe psychosocial effecis of sexual abuse on children, sampl ed li mn Addis Ababa. The sludy is cross-seclional, non-experimental. Samples were .I·e/ecled using purposive sampling technique and dala were gathered us ing bot h 'i l/ al il a fl re and 'Iuantitative melhuds: in-depth imervieH! guide, Scales (PTSD, Anxiety and Emu/ ional Distress). The galhered quantitative da la were analyzed by using descriptive statistics (percentage) and Ihe conducted case studies were qualitatively analyzed by using Ihe journal entitled: Long ter m and immediate impacts of CSA. The resulls indicated thai sexually abused \'iclims s ilfrer a 101 of psychological and social consequences of the violence. These problems include increased anxiety, high emotional distress. more symptoms of PTSD, lowered selfesleem, guilt, shame, depression, lack of trust, betrayal, aggressive behaviors. hatred. anger, social wi thdrawal or isolation. helplessness, hopelessness, self humilia lion, sexual dysjimction , addiclion, suicide, passivity, dissociation, less or no inlimal" relationship, fear, etc. The majorily of Iheir non-offending parenls also de veloped sense of fear, guill. shame, anxiely. belrayed. shock. isolation. social inl ew c/ion jlI'oh/ems. elc. The se verily oflhe effects orCSA depends on who is doing the abuse- lile conlexl, the manner of Ihe abuse-Ihe nalure, and how long Ihe abuse goes on Ih e dll rO lio l1. Finally, hased on the observed problems of the vict ims and the findings of the study, recomm endations were forwarded focusing on disclosure/ reporting, prevention and Ir ealme nl siralegies. and legal aspects.