Study of Superconductivity of Alkali Metal Doped A3c6o(A=K,Rb and Cs) Superconductors

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Addis Ababa University


The mechanism of superconductivity in A3C6o(A=K, Rb and Cs) appears to be one of difficult question in the theory of supercond uctivity. In this Work we try to show electronic( exciton) and phonon-exciton combined mechanism of superconductivity in A3C60 superconductors. In the first part of our work we try to show exclusively excitonic mechanism can not properly explain superconductivity in A3C6o(A=K, Rb and Cs) superconductors. As a result of this and the existence of small isotope effect we try to explain mechanism of superconductivity in these compounds by phonon-exciton combined mechanism. Our result shows phonon-exciton mechanism is capable of explaining the whole range of Tc values for all of these superconductors. The isotope effect and reduced gap values are in good agreement with the experimental values. Also it is inferred that A3C60 superconductors are BCS type assisted by excitonic effect. I



Superconductivity of Alkali Meta