Analysis & Evaluation of Hydraulic Parameters in Akake Well Fields of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Declining water levels caused by withdrawals of water from well in Akaki , the southern part of Addis Ababa have raised concerns with respect to the ability of the aquifer system to sustain production . As the aquifer of akaki in particular is heavily used in this area , understanding the hydraulic parameters of the area is essential for efficient sustainable management of the groundwater resource . A single well test was conducted to estimate the hydraulic parameters of the aquifer. An overview of the hydraulic parameters estimated for the 12 wells in the study clearly show strong evidence of inappropriate estimation. Thus this study was conducted to identify the possible miss-interpretation of the observed time-drawdown , step-drawdown , timeresidual drawdown based parameter estimation . After data quality checking , appropriate data correction for partial penetration and unconfinedness (if exists) were conducted. Then the standard methods like Theis curve fitting, Cooper-Jacob methods for timedrawdown data & Theis recovery method for time-residual drawdown data were used for parameter estimation. Beside Aquifer test v3.5 software was also used to verify the results of the original study. Evaluation and analysis result showed that out of the 12 well analyzed , 11 transmissivity values used in the well yield estimate were overestimated (on an average of twenty times ) and one underestimated (fivefold) , such highly over estimated transmissivity value misleads the designers & operators in fixing the well yield . Therefore, in this evaluation it is recommended to conduct multiple well test to determine the actual hydraulic parameters of the aquifer in order to obtain the safe yield of the wells which is intended to prolong the productivity of the aquifer and to delay excessive loss of saturated thickness .



Addis Ababa Water Supply, Akaki Well Field, Single Well Test, Transmissivity