Study of Titanium Molybdophosphate (Tmp), Lead V Anadophospha Te (L Vp) and Zirconium Vanadophosphate (Zrvp) Supported Catalysis by Some Transition Metal Ions in the Conversion of Cyclohexanol and Cyclohexene

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Addis Ababa Universty


TMP, L VP and ZrVP as an inorganic material SUppOit for transition metal catalysts are used in this project. The basic parameters such as: elemental analysis, IR spectrum, hydrogen ion exchange capacity, pH titration and moisture contents for each exchanger have been studied. Catalytic applications of ZrVP, L VP and TMP as a support by loading CrJ+ on each, and Cu'+ and Fe3+ on ZrVP, have been studied in dehydration of cyclohexanol and in the hydration of cyclohexene. From the GC analyses the suppOited catalysts were found to be efficient in dehydrating cyclohexanol but not for the hydration of cyclohexene. The major product identified by retention time coincidence test and peak enhancement teclmique was cyclohexene. In this work the most efficient being ZrVP and the percentage composition of the product obtained are 48% for ZrVPlFe3+, 35% for ZrVP/Cr'+ and 29% for ZrVP/C112+



TMP, L VP and ZrVP