English Language Needs Assessment of Shashamanne Health Science College Students: 10+ 3 Students in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate English language needs of third year students in the context of Shashamanne Health Science College. More specifically, it was carried out to identify: ( a) more important language skills for third year students to be successful in their academic setting, future career and private and social life (b) the most important communicative events ( activities) that the learners perform in the three above mentioned domains (c) how the learners need to learn English and (d) the existing gap between language needs of the learners and the current English teaching material. A questionnaire, interviews, focused group discussion and text analysis were employed to collect data for the study. The questionnaire was distributed to instructors, former graduates and students. Interviews were also held with the above mentioned subjects. Focused group discussion was held with students. The current English teaching material was also reviewed. Finally, data collected from these sources were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The results of the study indicate that language skills are not equally important in all domains for the learners. Speaking and writing (productive skills), listening and writing, reading and listening(receptive skills) were found to be the most important for the learners' academic setting, future career and private and social life respectively. Vocabulary and grammar were rated as the most important skills in both academic setting and future career. The results also indicate communicative events of future career and academic settings were the most useful to the students more than that of private and social life. Learnercentred methods are preferred to teacher-centred teaching methods. It was also found that the teaching material in use does not match learners' needs (the findings) in many aspects On the basis of the findings of the study, it was recommended that collaboration among instructors, students and administrators is very useful to meet the needs of the students at the college level (steps are presented in diagram form how to address learners needs in recommendation section). A suggestion was also made for more relevant course for teaching English to third year students; English course that matches with students' needs in terms of its emphasis of skills, communicative events, methods and topics/ situations should be developed by concerned body.



10+ 3 Students