Context Aware Semantic Search Engine for Smart Phones Tewodros Worku Kerie

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Addis Ababa University


The World Wide Web is an information system of interlinked hypertext documents that are accessed via the Internet. A search engine is a document retrieval system design to find information stored in a computer system, such as on the WWW. With the exponential growth in web content, the answers provided by traditional search engines by query specific keywords to content has resulted in high recall and low precision. Many queries processed on the World Wide Web do not return the desired results because they fail to take into account the context of the query and information about user’s situation and preferences. Some search engine now has semantic functionality, can understand data context, but it is limited to only the context of the query. Context-awareness refers to the capability of a software application to provide services to their users based on the user’s current context. As such, the objective of this thesis is to present context aware semantic search engines for smart phones. We present the architecture of context aware semantic search engines on the top of semantic web. Ontology based context modeling is used to represent user contexts. The user’s query history and submitted query is also analyzed to identify the concept of the search. Prototype of the system is also developed to demonstrate and test applicability and effectiveness of the proposed approach. To evaluate the effectiveness of our approach precision measures were conducted on top 15 retrieved documents. The experimental results showed 71.7 % precision which is higher than keyword base search results on the same dataset which is 41.18 % precision. Keywords Semantic Search; Context aware Search; Search engine; Semantic web.



Semantic Search, Context Aware Search, Search Engine, Semantic Web