Application of Instructional Materials in the Primary Schools of the Snnpr.

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Addis Ababa University


The study was intended to know for certain, the extent to which primwy pupils in the SNNPR are currently provided with concrete, meaningful and involving learning experiences in school. To this effect attempts were made at the initial stage, to identify the different variables that affect the provision of concrete learning experiences to students. One set of variables considered in this regard was the kind and level of performance teachers were demonstrating in selecting, obtaining, producing and using instructional materials. Similar attempts were made to determine various dependent variables that affect the production and utilization of instructional materials. These include among others, the professional competency and commitment teachers have in materials production and utilization. In addition, consideration was also given to the kind and amount of media services and administrative support that were made available for the teachers. With this aim in view, various instruments were employed in order to gather data from several sources including teachers, pedagogical center (media centel) coordinators, school directors, officials and experts in education offices. Because of various internal and external factors, teachers are found to have very low performance in the selection, procurement, production and utilization of instructional materials. Hence, students in the SNNPR were found to receive little or no concrete, meaningjili and involving learning experiences in school.



Application of Instructional Materials