Thematic Significance of Biblical Allusion in Contemporary Amharic Songs

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Addis Ababa University


Biblical allusion has varied literary significances in poetry, particularly in songs. For example, it serves as thematic strengthening. Many of the world famous artists use Biblical allusion in their lyrics as a means at' theme development. As a result, they are successful in transferring their message to song listeners understandably. This trend of alluding to the Holy 13iblc is also becoming a common trend in most contemporary Amharic SUllgS. UU·;\l.ISC using Biblical ullu siou s makes theme in songs st.rot igc r. MOI"CllV('I, III ilq~illt~ Biblical allusion into songs enables listeners to comprehend the subject mutter. the lyrist want to transfer. In this paper, analysis is. made on selected Amharic songs by dcscr ibiug liow Biblical allusion served to amplify theme of songs through stil1llll~lIil\g itl(·;\s, associations, and extra information. The main intention of the study is listeners as well as scholars in the fields would have clear undcrstundiug about the relevance of the Holy Bible in Amharic songs. To do that, the study attempts to demonstrate the effect of Biblical allusion in Amharic songs and its contribution in the thematic context of Ethiopian culture, social, economic and political system. A typical method like purposive sampling is used to analyze about twenty rive songs that are more readily accessible and appears to be representative of all contemporary Amharic songs.



Contemporary Amharic Songs