Teachers' and Students' Attitude and Practice Tow Ards Mul Ticul Tural Education

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purposes f thi tudy wa to a ses and understand the magnitude and level of attitude and practice t wards multicultural education by teachers and students in some selected private high r education institutions in Addis Ababa. Moreover it was conducted in order \0 understand the difference among teachers as well as among students on the Ie cI of attitude and practice they have. This research has also attempted to ee th presence of gender difference among teachers and also among students on their attitude and practice towards multicu ltural education. In this study a total of 298 teachers and students were taken as a sample. From this sample 58 of them were teachers and 240 were students. For a better understanding of the situation a mixed re earch method was employed with an emphasis on tr iangulation design. Questionnaire, FGD and observation were used as method of data collection. The mean va lue freq uency, percentiles and expected mean were used for analyzing the quantitative data while the qualitative data were thematically organized, categorized and examined to understand the emerging patterns of responses. Finally the results of this study sho\\ ed that the majority of teachers and students were found as having a good level of positive attitude and a higher level of practice which is advocated by the goals and philosophies of multicultural education. However from both, teachers and students proportions that cannot be taken as insign ifi cant have been found to have a negative inclination and a lower practi;e programs of multicultural education