And¶mta as an Interpretative Strategy with Reference to the Book of Genesis

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Addis Ababa University


Having read an Amharic commentary material on a given text, one can easily understand how the Ethiopic exegesis tradition is affluent with different kinds of literary features and techniques as an interpretative strategy. However, not enough research has been done in this huge area of study. Thus, this research is done to put forward as a starting point for reasoning or explanation that the Amharic and¶mta commentary material has its own valuable techniques as it identifies possible interpretative strategies that may help literary critics in their study of Amharic literature. The research begins by providing a general introduction to the definition, history and sources of the commentary material. The main body of the thesis is to identify some of the peculiar features of the commentary and to show how these features fit into the overall interpretative strategy. To do this, some strategic terms that are used in the and¶mta commentary material are identified and show how the terms are drawn upon to justify the interpretation arrived at the and¶mta commentary on the basis of the quoted texts from the Book of Genesis.



specific reference to the Book of Genesis