The Impact of Organizational Structure on the Implementation of Public Procurements Policy: The Case of Pubic Procurements Units in Some Selected Public Organizations of the Federal Government

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this research was to examine the impact of organizational structure on administrative efficiency in the case of some selected public organizations of the federal government. The research is qualitative and quantitative research approach using Cross sectional survey method and purposive sampling method was employed to select the sample from the relevant target population. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. Primary data were collected using five Point Likert-Scale out of 190 questionnaires 181 responses were properly filled and returned and only 6 middle level managers were interviewed out of 10, which cover 93.5 %. The finding results indicated that the mean value for PPDU (mean=3.21), FPPA (mean=3.43), and PPPDS (mean=2.84) were above average which indicate that public procurement units are moderately contributed to administrative efficiency. The correlation result for PPDU (r=0.417, P<0.01), FPPA (r= 0.369, p<0.01) and PPPDS (r=0.355, p<0.01) indicated that there were positive relationship between all of independent variables and the dependent variable, rejecting all null hypotheses. This implies that any increase or decrease on the independent variable will bring corresponding change on administrative efficiency. It’s found that the independent variables has a 43.6% influence on the dependent variable while the remaining 56.4% is influenced by factors which are not covered in this study. Hence, the public procurement units review its structure and system in order to improve the limitation on administrative efficiency.



Human Resource