Evaluation of the Curriculum of Construction Equipment Maintenance Training in Alemgena Machine Based Technology Training Center

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Addis Ababauniversity


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the curriculum of construction equipment maintenance at Alemgena Machine Based Technology Training Center. A descriptive quantitative and qualitative research design was adopted. Data obtained through questionnaire; interview, and document analysis. Purposive sampling method was applied to Equipment Maintenance Training Team Leader and Training Manager. Sample trainees and trainers were selected first using stratified sampling to be able to include trainees and trainer participants from the departments available. 88.88% current trainees, 80% recent graduate trainees and 88.23% trainers completed, returned, and used for the study. For the Equipment Maintenance training Team Leader and training manager interview was used to collect the data. Curriculum material observation and analysis were also used. The major findings of the study indicated that, the curriculum is designed in the context of TVET colleges, it is beyond the capacity of the training center due to the shortage time; the module contents couldn’t be covered, inadequacy of equipments and machines for practical training, most of the instructional approaches have been using lecture and discussion for skill training. Finally, the study recommended that need assessment by the training center trainers to adjust the current curriculum with the objective of the training center maintenance training objectives and needs to equip with training resources



Equipment Maintenance Training