Complete and incomplete Fusion Reactions in 16O +93 Nb Systems at Various Projectile Energies

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Addis Ababa University


In this work Complete and Incomplete fusion in the reaction 16O +93 Nb System in the energy range of 70-100 MeV have been Studied. Excitation function(EFs) of Various reaction products populated via CF and/or ICF Of 16O projectile with 93Nb target were studied at various projectile energies.From this Excitation functions study the complete and incomplete fusion reactions in light(medium) target nucleus could be studide.It has been obserbed that complete and incomplete fusion reactions play important role in heavy ion reactions at these energies.The experimental excitation functions have been compared with theoretical values calculated using computer code PACE4. The experimentally studied production cross-sections for non- emitting channels were found to be in good agreement with theoretical predictions which may be attributed to the complete fusion (CF) processes at these energies,In general. However in case of -emitting channels, the experimental excitation functions exhibit a signi cant enhancement in the production cross-section, which may be credited to the incomplete fusion (ICF) reaction at these energies.An attempt was made to estimate the percentage of incomplete fusion fraction to get the relative importance of complete and incomplete fusion reactions



Various Projectile Energies