Attempts Towards the Synthesis and Characterization of some Mixed Ligand Complexes of Ni, Cu and Cd

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Addis Ababa,University


Visible sPGctra for solutions of i :bi y , i :bi- ~y :.r ea , Ni :bipy : , , i : hun : , Ni ;phen :urea , Ni :phen : 1111. , Cu :bipy , C.u :b i py :urea anc. CU :b i py : J, were recorded . For the Ni c?mplexes the I ) max di d not hift with increase in pH but the intersity de creased . For the c01)per complexes l' ncrease l' n H SIll' fted the ' to .l:' 1'\ max shorter 'i'lave l ength in the basic medium . The synth sis was c arried out in aci i c medium. 'I'he complex formed between Ni and b i py '. in t he molar r ntio 1 :1 COl1_d not be isolHted , but when the concentration cf bi y increased t wo times ink c ol ored crystals of th~ fu r Qula Ni(biPY)3C12 . 6H20 were isolated . Jm attemp'c to synthesise a nickel mixed ligand complex r.rith bipY :"Q. reG. and bi py :mal onamide was done , but in both cases Ni(bipY)3C12 . 6H20 was isol ated . The binary cc,mplex Ni(phen) C12 06H20 was synthes lsed by the r eacti on of hen Rnd NiC12 . 6H20 . The synthesis of the mixed ligHncl complex with hen :ur ea G.nd phen :malonamide was then tried but in both cases Ni(phen) C12. 6H20 was the product . \•Jhen CuC12 • 2H2O and bipy re cted in the mol ar r tio 1 :1 at pH 4.5 Cu(bipy)C12 vJas is olc~ te but Hhen the H was ad justed t o 7 • 0 a co lex -ith a probale for ula Cu ( bip~ (OH)C l . 3H20 v us isolate" . lin attempt vJaS maue to ynthesise tl e mixed I i and complex of " co per \ ith bi ) :urea an b i py :malonamicle . In both cases Cu (bipY)C12 was formed. The b i nary compl exes of ur ea and malonami e v;'"i th co p er we r e syn"ches i se<l t (;i ve Cu( ur 8a)C12 . H20 an Cu(MA )2C12 e2H20 . Phenanthroline r en cted with CuC12 . 2H20 in aqueous Qedium at pH 3.8 t o form Cu( ph en )C12 • Cadmium chlori de gave \Vhite c r ystal s with bot h bipyridine end phenthrol i ne . ~h e compl exes were obt ained as pre ci i tDtes when the C Ll mi um was ad ed t o the li ~a nd s ol ut i on \/ithout heatine; . ~h ese c ompl exes were i nsol ub l e in water and othe r common so lvents . Si mi - l ar r esults wer e cbt a i ned I so i n the re sence of urea and mal onami de . In methanol : etha nol solvent system the binary com l exes Ni(MA ) 2C12 an Cu( ~ )C1 2 . H20 were synt hesised by r ef l uxing the s t iochi ometric uantities fo r ei ~ht h ours . Cd (MA )Cl2 .H20 was a l so synthe s ised i n the s ame manne r . The react ion of copper chlori e wi t h urea Eave a complex of the f or mula Cu(urea ) 4C12 From cadmi um chlori de and ur ea the c o pl ex Cd(ure a )C12 . H20 was i so l ate<l . In an attom t to s nthesi se com l exes of Ni :b i py : " and Hi :phen : . , Ni ( . )C1 2 pas reac ted. with both bases sepa r a t ly and it was found thpt bot h bases s ubst i t u t e the mal onami de . p rid.ine a c omplf.;x of the fo r mul a Cu ( b i pY)2C1 2 . H20 was i s o l a t e d.



Characterization of some Mixed Ligand Complexes of Ni,