Distrlbution and Relative Abundance of the African Grass Ra T, Arvicanthis Dell/Beel/Sis, Among Selected Habitat Types of the Koka Region, Central Eti-Rropia

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Addis Ababa University


Data was collected on the distribution and relative abundance of Arvica1l1his dembeensis among selected habitat types in the Koka region, central Ethiopia. Fifteen habitat types were selected to be study sites. The selection was made with reference to vegetation density, height, and species composition. A total of 365 small mammals which belong to two orders, Rodentia and lnsectivora, were captured. The rodent species were; Arvicanthis dembeensis. Mastomys erythroleucus. Tatem robusta and Rattus rathlS. There was only one insectivore speciesCrocidura olivieri. The catch distribution was compared using a two way ANOV A (p=O.05). The result showed that the catch records among the selectcd habitat types were significantly different. A critical difference (C.D.) analysis was conducted to rank the sites and it was observed that habitats with moderate vegetation cover had high catch values while very dense bushes and totally open fields were less inhabited. The observed difference in the catch distribution among the sampling sites is discussed on the basis of habitat preference particularly with emphasis to the importance of vegetation cover in the habitat use of Arvicanthis