Assessment of Antenatal Care Clients Perception of Caring Behavior of Midwives in Fafan Zone, Somali Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Caring is a popular concept midwifery which forms part of good patient care values. Midwives are those who are responsible in the care for the mothers and their babies. It is fact that provider behavior is the major tool for the optimization of the utilization of maternal care. Utilization of antenatal care often depends on pregnant women‟s perception of provider‟s caring behaviors. Objective: To assess the antenatal care client‟s perception of caring behavior of midwives in Fafan Zone, Somali Regional State Methodology: Institution based cross-sectional study was done from March to April 2015. A simple random sampling of health centers was used and nine health centers were selected to involve 384 mothers in the study. A structured questioner was used to collect data and the data was analyzed by using SPSS version 20; involving descriptive statistics as well as bivariate and multivariate statistical tests. Participation in this study was voluntary. Result: A total 384 clients were participated in this study. The overall rating of positive perception was 48.7%. The highest score from the caring behavior items based on their mean were ”treat me as an individual (4.44±0.683)” and point out the things about me and my condition(4.41±0.683)” were clients scored for their positive perception . The items with which clients have negative perception were “introduce themselves to me (2.88±1.740)” and „keep my family informed of my progress (3.70±1.260)”. Educational level, no of family member and pregnancy related illness were significant predictor of client‟s negative perception with midwifery caring behaviors. Conclusion: The result revels that most ante natal attending mothers have negative perception towards to the caring behavior of midwives. But there are also some clients with positive perception of caring behavior of midwives. Key words: Care, Caring behavior, Antenatal Care, Midwives



Care, Caring behavior, Antenatal Care