Formulating Knowledge Management Strategy for Public Organizations: The Case of the Federal Documents Authentication and Registration Office

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Addis Ababa University


In recent years, there has been a number of government policies aimed at equipping the public sector to perform more effectively with the help of information technology. In this regard, knowledge management in general and knowledge management strategy in particular have a great role in public organizations. Therefore, the overall objective of this study is to formulate knowledge management strategy that is suitable for public organizations, specifically for DARO. Besides, all the necessary data is collected using questionnaire and interview from the Head Office and ten Branches of DARO located in Addis Ababa and analyzed by both quantitative and qualitative methods. Based on this, the result of the study revealed that even though knowledge sharing practice of DARO is traditional and not integrated, the overall knowledge sharing practice of the organization is good. Apart from the favorable situations that exist in DARO for the deployment of a knowledge management system, there are barriers that are identified in this research such as lack of time; shortage of formal and informal space in the organization, and lack of physical working environment and layout of the work. On the other hand, willingness, confidence and attitude of employees are the success factors in the individual dimension. Similarly, communications, incentives and management support are also other success factors of KM in the organizational dimension. In general, the study showed that there is no standard procedure to carry out knowledge management activities in the organization. There is no effort made in managing organizational knowledge. Simply, the knowledge of the organization is dispersed here and there with no centralized approach to achieve the organizational goals. Based on this, the SWOT analysis and SNA were made in order to propose the KM strategy which is more suitable for the organization. Moreover, the Complex Adaptive System Model was proposed since people are at the center of this model. Regarding the KM technologies like DMS, WFMS and Intranet were proposed. In general, in order to make this strategy successful it is recommended that DARO should design detail activities and integrate with organizational strategy. Further researches on other similar public organization are also recommended in order to upgrade the proposed KM strategy.



Management Strategy for Public Organizations