Can Ethiopian Companies Meet the Listing Requirements of African Stock Exchanges?

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Ethiopian Companies Are Not Benefiting From Listing On Stock Exchanges Because There No Stock Exchange In Ethiopia. Foreign Listing Is An Alternative Solution To This Problem. Thus, This Study Examines Whether Or Not Ethiopian Companies Meet The Listing Requirements Of African Stock Exchanges. The Study Also Assessed The Characteristics Of Ethiopian Companies (Their Strengths And Weakness~ In Relation To Stock Exchanges Listing Requirements So As To Determine The Availability Of Qualified Companies For "The Establishment Of A Slack Exchange In Ethiopia. The Determined ;Of Listing Requirements And Listings Are Also Investigated In This Study The Study Adopts A Mixed Methods Research Approach. Specifically The Study Uses Surveys Of 17 Ethiopian Share Companies That Are Established After 1994 By Offering Shares To The Public Via IPO And That Has A Minimum Of Two Years Operating History Using Closed Ended Self Administered Questionnaires To Collect I Quantitative Data . /In Addition. The Study Also Uses Surveys Of 15 Africa Stock That Stock Exchanges That Hove Listing Reqlfirell1enls 017 Their Websites In English Languages Study Also Analyzed The Qualitative Listing Requirements Of African Countries Stock Exchanges (OECD2004 Corporate Governance Principles) By Comparing It1l'ith The Ethiopian Companies' Corporate Governance Law The Results Of This Combined Research Methodology Reveal That Ethiopian Companies Con Be Listed In Other African Countries' Stock Exchanges And Get Benefited From Listing There Are Also Qualified Companies For The Establishment Of Stock Exchange in Ethiopia.



Can Ethiopian companies, the listing requirements