An assessment of information technology implementation in secondary school curriculum in bale zone

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Addis Ababa University


This study was mainly aimed to assess the implementation of Information Technology in secondary schools in Bale zone. Specifically, the study explores the availability of curricular materials in the schools, teachers' qualification and competency in implementing IT, schools equipment with the necessary IT infrastructure and the major factors that influence the implementation of IT in secondary schools curriculum in Bale zone. To conduct the study, descriptive survey method was employed. The sample covered six secondary schools in Bale zone. Purposive sampling was employed in the selection of teachers. Stratified randomly selected students (n=1200) were involved in filling questionnaire to obtain first hand infOlmation. Interview was also made to four school principals. Relevant statistical tools such as percentage, rank order, ratio and mean values made data analysis. Results show that inadequate financial support, inadequacy of in-service training, large class-size, inadequacy of time for practice, problems with the Internet access and poor supply of facilities were some of the major problems that hinder the implementation of IT in secondary schools curriculum in Bale zone. The qualifications of teachers at secondary schools level are inappropriately and inadequately trained in the area of implementing Inforn1ation Technology. The conclusion drawn from the study is that aspects of the new IT grade 11 and 12 curriculum are being implemented minimally and poorly due to teachers' lack of basic IT competence and other factors mentioned earlier. The implementation process in the past three years failed to maintain some fertile grounds like training teachers with IT basic competency skills and knowledge and supplying necessary materials sufficiently. Hence, it appears to be wise and timely to take appropriate measures to change the much-unchanged operational IT curriculum



availability,curricular, materials