A Comparative Study of Male-Female Students' EFLclassroom Participation: With Special Reference to Four Non-Government Secondary Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to find out the level of Grade 11 male and female students' participation during EFL classroom interactions in non-' government secondary schools in Addis Ababa. To this end, since the study u sed statistical data analysis, quantitative method was employed. Four teachers and 160 students (90 male and 60 female) were taken as samples of the study from four non- government secondary schools. Two types of questionnaire (one for teachers and one for students) and slightly modified Moskowitz's Foreign Language Interaction (FLint) Analysis System were used in the data collection process so that points could be taken for male and female students separately during EFL classroom interactions. The data obtained using FLint was analyzed using a t-test statistical method. Results of the data analysis indicated that students' talking to their teachers, recelvmg teachers' help and feedback, being called upon by their teachers, initiating and dominating participation during EFL classroom interactions showed insignificant differen ces. However, teachers assigning students as group leaders during group discu ssions, directing challenging questions and giving praise/encouragement showed significant differences in relation to male and female students' classroom participation. On the basis of the findings, it is recommended that teachers should be given the valuable courses on classroom interaction during their training so that they can develop the necessary skills to encourage equal participation of students in EFL classroom interactions. Continuous classroom observations by well-trained professionals and peer observation within and/or among schools should be done to help English language teachers share experiences and learn from each other.



Comparative Study, Male-Female Students