A Critical Analysis of Children's Story Books of Alem Eshetu and Tesfaye Gebremariam

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Addis Ababa University


There are some studies at boUI. the undergraduate and graduate levels of study of Addis Ababa University that are conducted in the area of children's literature in Ethiopia. Most of them studied children's literature as a his torical footnote or as bibliographical curiosities and others attempted a psychological analysis of children's books basing on a psychology of a child reader and types analys is categorizing children's literature under Humor, fantasy and adventure but none of them dealt with a matter of literary values in Ethiopian children's literature. The major goal of this study is to examine the literary qualities of the fictional works of children. To achieve this goal, an attempt was made to critically analyze ten works of Alem Eshetu and Tesfaye G/ Mariam. The study has five chapters. The first chapter intends to show why and how the study is conducted. The second chapter illuminates the case of children literature in Ethiopia giving a general background and this chapter is also concerned with reviewing of literature and critical works conducted in the area of children's literature in Ethiopia. Chapter three is wholly devoted to analytical discussion of the selected works with reference to the literary elements and types of children's literature. The fourth chapter is a comparative analysis of the findings. The conclusion part provides a summary by way of recommendation. The study shows that the books have no recognizable literary quality, they are not written in an engaging both in content and style, their imaginative quality is poor, they gave first hand to instruction not for the aesthetic pleasures the child is supposed to get from the books.



Critical Analysis of Children's Story