Investigation of the Implementation of Grade ten English Syllabus in Selected Governmental Secondary Schools in Mekelle Town

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study was to evaluate the implementation of grade ten English syllabus in selected secondary schools in Mekelle town. Attempts have been made to examine whether the instructional guidelines set in the syllabus and teacher's guide are properly implemented at classroom levels, the favorability of the school and classroom environments for effective implementation of the syllabus, the attitudes of the students towards learning English and their exposure to the teaching and learning activities, and the factors affecting the implementation of the syllabus in the schools. To this end, a descriptive survey approach was used as a method of the s tudy. The data was collected from 236 sample students, a ll English teachers of grade ten who are twelve (12) in number, a ll the three school directors and two English department heads in three selected governmental secondary schools. Respondents were selected by using systematic random sampling and purposive sampling techniques. Questionnaires, observations, interviews and documents were used as data gathering instruments. The result of the study revealed that most of the demands of grade ten English syllabu ses were not implemented as intended. Teacher s ' extent of implementation of the instructional guidelines su ggested in the syllabus and teacher's guide was found to be low. Teachers frequently used explanation or lecture and questions and answers instructional strategies. Moreover, the English teachers did not use continuous assessment techniques to evaluate their student's performance. Besides, the result of the study indicated that the majority of the students have positive attitude towards learning English. However, as the fi ndings of the study showed, the students are not exposed to a variety of teaching and learning activities, which give them opportunity to use the language. There was scarcity of curricula materials and time to implement the syllabus effectively,



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