An Assessement of Income Generating Activities and Utilization in Selected Government Tvet Colleges in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of the study was to assess the income generating activities of selected TVET colleges in Addis Ababa. On the basis of the purposes of the study 4 research questions were formulated and to conduct the current conditions of the income generating activities in these selected TVET colleges, descriptive survey method was employed. The study was conducted in 3 randomly selected TVET colleges. The sample populations of the study were 37 section or department heads of the TVET colleges, 3 finance heads, 3 deans and 3 vice deans were also selected using purposive sampling method. Close and open ended questionnaire and interview questions were also used to gather the required data from the aforementioned subjects of the study. Out of the sample population analysis was made base d on 34 section heads and 8 interviewees. Accordingly, the results of study depict that majority of the respondents responded as the TVET colleges were not effective in implementing the income generating and utilizing activities and there was lack of full participation of staff members in developing income generating activities guidelines, lack of clear financial guidelines, lack of full autonomy of the TVET colleges were the major problems of the TVET colleges. In light of these findings the study concluded as even though there were some income generating activities in the TVET colleges they are not well organized and the TVET colleges did not use all potential sources of income and these problems can affect the training of the TVET colleges and lack of clear guidelines also affect the TVET colleges income generating and utilizing activities transparently.



Utilization in Selected Government Tvet Colleges