Monte Carlo Simulations of Ionized Impurities Profile in a Semiconductor in External Parabolic Potential

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Addis Ababa University


In this thesis we have investigated impurities profiles in a semiconductor layers, using Monte Carlo simulation technique in an external parabolic potential. By ignoring impurity - impurity Coulomb’s interaction, first we considered impurities diffusion in the presence of external parabolic potential that has minimum at the center of the semiconductor at a different temperatures. The model was modified and included the impurity impurity Coulomb’s interaction. Using Arrhenius type equation, we have performed Monte Carlo simulation to predict impurities profile for different amplitudes of external parabolic potential, temperatures and impurities density per sites. When we approximated the non - linear potential as one dimensional parabola which has a minimum at the mid point of the semiconductor layer, the impurity is accumulated in the central region. Our results show that the external potential has influenced the diffusion towards the center even though an internal potential has opposite effect. Moreover the impurity distribution has a Gaussian profiles that becomes sharper when the amplitude of external parabolic potential is increased. Our simulation results were compared with the pervious related works. The variation of the gaussian width within a temperature and dopant density per site were also observed that as the temperature increases the plots becomes broaden. Similarly, as the dopant density per site at the initial increases the impurities per site around the center of the graph becomes higher and broaden.



Monte Carlo Simulations, Ionized Impurities Profile, Semiconductor, External Parabolic Potential