Generation and collimation mechanisms of relativistic jets in AGN

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Addis Ababa.


io. lost. of the phenomenon performed by active gala.xies are lef\' uncO\'crccl among which highly collimated jet-like outflows, that span hounders of Kpc to ~ Ipc via interstellar medium, is l.hc one. OUf current. research, which is fully analytic, is targeted on finding t he plausible mechanism of jets generation and collimation in Lhcse :-' Iysteriolls active gala.xies. In this work, Kerr geomet.ry is preferred to describe t.he dynamics of electromagnetic field and plasma fluid around rotating Kerr black hole. we find out. that the force-free region, in the immediate neighborhood of rotating black hole, is the site where jets generation and launching are fabricated. Toroidal magnetic field and centrifugal force, on the accreting plasma fluid. are "he key elements for t.he generation and launching of jets. Collimat.ion of jets is the responsibility of: magnetic hoop stress, radiation pressure, from t.he accretion disk, and centrifugal force. Also, magnetic field is found to be crucially important. in the spin energy of t.he black hole. Energy and angular momentum are continuously supplied to t he jets through di fferential rotation. viii