The practice and challenges of implementing continuous assessment in government First Cycle primary schools of Yeka Sub-City

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose of this study was to examined and scope of activities and problems of practice of continuous assessment at the first cycle primary school level in Yeka Sub-City. To answer the basic research questions, descriptive survey research method was employed. The major findings of this study include very weak document handling, and poor record keeping of learners’ CA achievements, less learners’ involvement in their own assessment. Many assessment techniques were used in properly. The study also found that large class sizes, inadequacy of text books and school infrastructures, lack of manuals, weak follow up, support and feedback system on the implementation of learners’ CA, lack of training opportunity for teachers were the major challenges of CA. For further improvement, school based trainings, adequate and updated manuals, advanced follow up, support and immediate feedback on the learners’ CA implementation, and fulfillment of school infrastructures are suggested as potential solutions to the proper implementation of CA.