Assessing Marketing Practices in Social Organizations in Addis Ababa: The Case Study ofAAHAPCO

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to assess the marketing practices in NPOs in Addis Ababa in light of four P' s of marketing elements at AAHPCO . To undertake this research , descriptive approach is adopted . Primary and secondary data sources used via questionnaire and interview survey techniques to the former and referring the existing data sets for the latter one . Moreover , statistical tools such as mean , standard deviation , variance and range are employed and a Likert scales is applied too . To make the study manageable as well as cost - effective , out of 100 (one hundred) population a total size of 50 samples were drawn by SRS method at Head and Kebele levels and purposive technique applied at sub city level . ' AAHAPCO' has developed marketing mix programs in light of marketing mix elements only for three of the four Ps such as products/services , place and promotion . Nevertheless , there are no programs set for pricing . Customers are receiving the services/goods freely so long as they fulfill the criteria stipulated by the organization . Besides , "AAHAPCO" does not have objectives in terms of new product/service development . Moreover , neither marketing department nor marketing professionals exist . Under "AAHAPCO" there is serious problem in coordinating and its marketing mix practices with different departments. Government took the lion share of the source of funds followed by foreign NGOs . Selective distribution strategy is applied under it in order to allocate its services/goods . Concerning promotion , persuasion and informative types of messages are used . Moreover , pamphlets are the first one used by this organization followed by broad cast advertising while newspaper took the third rank in order to advertise services/goods as well as the organization per se . At grass roots , unlike head quarter and sub cities , the study organization does not involve itself in any fund raising activities . The product/service program design in the study organization is based on the demands of both donor and client markets interest and its efficiency and effectiveness was also leveled as good in light of both markets . Therefore , it is recommended that ' AAHAPCO ' should start working with ' Private sector fund raising ' companies that help identify potential corporate partners in other industry sectors , including consultancy firms , food and clothing



Marketing Practices in Social Organizations