Self-Efficacy, and Study Habits As Related to General Secondary School Students' Academic Performance: The Case of General Secondary School Students in Tigray

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Addis Ababa University


As suggesled by differenl findings. academic peljormance has been equally injluenced by non-c, pilive personality/aclors, as il is so by (he cognitive/actors. The main in/en/ion o/Ihis study lrll(lS 10 examine Ihe injluellce of SlIch non-cognilive faclors as self-efficacy beliefs, academic achievemenl lI1olivalion. sludy habils and gender on Ihe academic peljormance of general high school swdenls. In lighl of Ihis inlenlion, Ihree high schools in Tigray were selecled. Dala were gathered using self-efficacy scale, academic achievemenl mol ivaI ion invenlory and sludy habils invenlors ji"Oln 111'0 hundred and Ih irty four sludenls inlhe selecled schools. Achievemenl scores were securedji-om record offices of each schoo!. Analysis of variance, multiple Clnd stepwise regression analyses and I-tests were used (0 analyze the data. ANOVA revealed Ihal sludeJ1ls wilh higher level of Ihe aforemenlioned variables were found havillg belief academic achievement as compared /0 students lVilh lower level of the trails. Male sludents we/'ejound having belief academic peljormance score than/emotes. }\t/uINpie regression analysis showed fhal each independent variable contributed significant "ul1ique ll I'w'lance /0 the academic achievement of Ihe sludenls accounting for abolll 31.14% of Ihe over-all variance. Gender-specijic regression analysis indicaled thaI each variable added significanl "unique" variance 10 academic achiev(~l1Ienl of both males and females explaining for 29. 70% and 34. J 0% of the over-all variance respectively. The I-Iesls lIIere used 10 see \-vhelher male one/female sludenls have significant meun difference in their level of Ihe variables under sludy and resulls revealed Ihal males have higher level of Ihe Irails Ihan Iheir female. The 1-leSI compuled 10 examine whelher sludenls of Ihe same sex who were calegorized under differenl academic achievemenllevels have signijicanl difference inlhe aforemenlioned variables sholVed Ihal high achievers in both sexes have signijiccmtly higher level of Ihe Irails as compare. 10 Ihe lOll" achievers. All Ihese resulls indicaled Ihal males are characlerized by high values in alllhe Irails Ilum/emoles. Based OJllhe implicalions oflhesefindings 10 Ihe educalional and inslruclional praclices, Ihe researcher recommends Ihol inlerventions need 10 be g iven 10 studenls especially female stue/ents 10 increase their academic achievemelll mOlivalion. self-efficacy beliefs ands siudy habils. Moreover. a fill"ther research is recolI/melldecl on verifying whelher the observed difference between males (melfemales is Ihe resul/ of varia/ion in/heil' socialization process.



Self-Efficacy, and Study Habits As Related to General