Design of Lift and its Control Using FPGA for Machine Tower of Assela Malt Factory

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Addis Ababa University


ssela malt factory has different subsection needed for processing of barley. The machine tower is one which has high frightening feature to climb up or to come down over floor stories. Due to this higher officials of the factory couldn’t see top floor machines and problems. Workers of the factory has a problem to transport motors and materials in case of problem occurrence for replacement. So, designing a lift for this room/subsection can hinder these mentioned problems. Most previous known elevators/lifts are designed using conventional PLC technology. PLC provides flexibility, lower cost and security compared to other control techniques. But these technology has series-cycling implementation on rungs and takes long duration to address the command signal. However, the FPGA programing technique can executes programs in parallel, hence, give fast response for the command signal given to it as input. In this thesis, lift control is designed and simulated using embedded Xilinx FPGA into Matlab Simulink platform. VHDL code could be generated from Simulink controller block of lift model. The Simulink model simulation result demonstrates that the lift is operating within design specification. It is designed that the lift has a linear speed of 1.25m/s, and acceleration of 0.8m/s^2 (-0.8 m/s^2 deceleration). Five floor level efficient lift logic control system is designed and simulated using XILINX ISE 8.1i stateCAD. By changing the state diagram, VHDL code is generated and used to implement control system on FPGA Spartan-3E. State Bench simulator is used to simulate results of proposed control system. The logic based controller for door opening, closing and level indication all are functioning according to design.



FPGA, Machine Tower, Lift, Assela Malt Factory