Assessment of Applying Quality Management System on the Supply Chain Performance: A Comparative Study on ISO 9001 Certified and Non-Certified Ethiopian Health Commodities Suppliers

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Addis Abeba University


The Quality management system provides a successful strategy by better controlling process quality. The goal of this study is to assess, in a comparative framework, the supply chain performance of ISO 9001 certified and non-certified health commodities suppliers in Ethiopia with respect to the application of quality management system. To address the research objectives a cross sectional research design was used. The study also used quantitative and qualitative research approaches. Stratified and simple random sampling techniques were applied to select the required sample size from the employees of the case organizations. Primary data from 165 sample population was collected by means of questionnaire with response rate of 80.6% and structured interview has been conducted with purposively selected 16 managers and heads of departments of the organizations under study. Quantitative data obtained from the primary source were analyzed using SPSS version 22 software. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were applied to analyze the data. The result showed that there is an association between quality management system and supply chain performance, and differences have been observed between the ISO 9001 certified and non- certified companies with regard to the application quality management system on the supply chain performance with the mean score values of 4.00 for ISO 9001 certified organizations and 2.70 for non- certified organizations. ISO 9001certified companies scored the highest mean score in all aspects of the variables. Based on the findings of the study ISO 9001 certification is associated with supply chain performance, therefore it is recommendable that the management of non-ISO 9001 certified companies should be cognizant of the importance and benefits of applying quality management system to enhance organizational supply chain performance. The study also provides information why companies are not interested to apply quality management system.



Quality management system, Process quality, ISO 9001, Health commodities suppliers Supply chain Performance.