The Application of Communicative Approach to Grammar Teaching in High School Efl Classes: The Case of Some Selected High Schools in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the application of CA to grammar teaching in EFL classes of government high schools in Addis Ababa. To attain this objective, three secondary schools were selected for the study. The data were gathered through questionnaires (for teachers and students), classroom observation, and interview (for teachers). The data obtained through the questionnaire were analyzed and discussed quantitatively whereas the data obtained through the classroom observation and the interview were analyzed and described qualitatively. The results of the study revealed that EFL teachers and students have good perceptions about the application of CLT to grammar instructions. However, the results also showed that their perceived CLT principles were not practiced in the actual classroom in most cases because of low proficiency levels of teachers and students, lack of teachers and students interests, lack of materials and problem of large class sizes. At last, recommendations were made based on the findings of the study. The recommendations forwarded include: teachers should be better equipped to reconcile beliefs and practices in order to provide more effective use of CLT principles to grammar instruction; despite their positive perceptions about the CLT principles, teachers should also be given workshops and other in- service programs that maximize the practical implementations of the approach, and the schools and other concerned bodies should provide carefully designed textbooks, supplementary materials and other facilities.



The Case of Some Selected High Schools in Addis Ababa