Analysis on Terrain and Related Challenges in Defense Command Post Site Selection Using Web-Based Gis: a Case of Ada’a District, Eastern Showa Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The defense force keeps the sovereignty of the nation and responsibility to the operation of mission success at right time and place to control key terrain areas, to deliver logistics and to combat troops with accurate terrain information. But manually combining terrain information is tiresome, time taking, costy and results vary from expert to expert, therefore the analysis of terrain features for command post best site selection is one of the basic tasks from different military operations and the study provides decision makers and commanders to analyze the terrain visually using automated systems to obtain correct information about the terrain and evaluate the terrain in terms of military aspects. To understand the ground and achieve military goals, the basic sources of information for studying the terrain are topographic maps, aerial photographs, military sketches and sand model. This research paper identifies terrain features for defense command post site selection using RS and GIS techniques and customize and publish maps in web-GIS C4I system for decision makers or commanders. The command post suitable site selection is based on input data layers of elevation, slope, roads, land use land cover, soil types, geological and geomorphological features. The multi-attribute and multi-criteria evaluation methods (GIS with AHP) are used for factor analysis and aggregation. Multi factor analysis or weighted overlay analysis assigns more importance of some criteria over the others. The AHP principle can be used to aggregate the priority for all level of hierarchy structure and the method can be done using any GIS system having overlay capabilities, combine input layers and generate the output command post suitable map. The result showed that optimal sites clearly identified as a higher elevation weight equal to 39% influence is the most important criteria from others. The resulting maps of GIS – AHP indicates best result and suitable location for military command post in Ada’a district.



Ada’a, Ahp, C4i, Command Post, Terrain, Web-Gis