Gamma Ray Attenuation In Composite Materials

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Addis Ababa University


Attenuation due to scattering or absorbtion of photons in composite materials depend basically up on two factors, the effective atomic number and electronic density of the absorber material. This project discuses recent studies concerning this title (gamma ray attenuation in composite materials). Many researchers use attenuation data to compute effective atomic number, electronic density and other parameters such as absorption coefficient total attenuation cross section of composite materials using their own and reported earlier methods. Most of the studies compiled in this paper have been done in a well-collimated narrow beam of lower and medium energy range of photon where photoelectric absorbtion and compton scattering are dominant photon interaction process. This work also includes photon interaction of selected human body parts and shielding materials from this it is concluded that while exposing large dimensional biological samples to the lower energy care must be taken for buildup photons to protect this shielding is necessary



Gamma Ray Attenuation