Practices and Problems of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in Government and Private Schools in Sebeta City Adiministration

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The main purpose of the study was to investigate the Practices and Problems of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in Government and Private Schools in Sebeta City Administration. To realize this purpose. Descriptive survey research design that involved qualitative and quantitative approaches was used . The study used 120 preschool teachers, 7 school principals and 5 experts from education bureau as relevant data sources In order to select sample respondents, simple random sampling, availability and purposive sampling techniques were employed. Questionnaires, interview, focus group discussion and observation were the major data collection techniques used for the study. In order to analyze the data collected from the sample preschools, quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques were employed. The findings revealed that implementation of ECCE curriculum in the studied preschools in terms of , providing adequate class rooms and outdoor spaces, supply of necessary materials, and its organization were inadequate and ineffective. It was also identified that there is lack of professionally trained and skilled preschool teachers, and weak parent-school partnerships in the preschools. Besides, the curriculum used both in Government and private preschools lack relevance to the actual situation of the children and there are gaps for improvement. Overall, the ECCE in studied preschools had been less considered and great attention is required for better achievements. ECCE is not considered as an integral part of formal education and it almost ignored by the parents as well as other stakeholders of ECCE. Therefore, it is recommended that regional education bureau better to provide inclusive and effective curriculum materials, administration body of preschools arrange short and long term training for professional developments of preschool teachers, organize classrooms and adequate outdoor spaces for the children, provide sufficient and durable playing materials and assign qualified preschool teachers for the success of ECCE. Furthermore, it is better to strengthen the parents-school partnership for the successful implementation of ECCE.



- Early child hood care and education (ECCE), curriculum, education, preschool